Letter Quest: Grimms Journey Remastered Review

Letter Quest: Grimms Journey Remastered is a game aimed at a wide audience, bookworm’s and casual players alike. It’s one of those games that you tend to go back to time and time again to chill out and just enjoy. It’s quite a challenge to produce one of these games and I think Bacon Bandit Games have done a great job with it.


Letter Quest is a mix between an RPG game and Scrabble, where you create words to deal damage to enemies you encounter on each level. With a huge library of over 195,000 words in the game with a built-in dictionary which shows you what each word means, your forever learning while playing Letter Quest.

There are 40 levels to play through each with 4 stars to achieve, the first star is unlocked by just completing the level, second star is a Time-Trial star where you are tasked with completing the level within a set time limit, the third star is a challenge star where you could be tasked with using a certain amount of letters to removing all the vowels and finally the fourth star is the crystal star which unlocks after obtaining the previous three stars. This star is for the elite players as difficulty is drastically increased.

Like most RPG games there is upgrades and unlocks for your weapons and characters, as you play through each level defeating enemies you will earn gems, these gems can go towards upgrading your health, damage, defense or purchasing various items to help you defeat your enemies. Unlocks include books, potions, special items and weapons. Weapons can also be upgraded which will boost its stat.

The game contain over 30 enemies to defeat each with their own quirky name and description and feature their own skills and stats. Some enemies can cause effects to your tiles for instance they can be poisoned so once used you will take damage yourself, along with poisoned tiles you can also see plagued tiles, stoned and even whirlwind which changes the letters.


Letter Quest graphics consist of high-resolution art and animations which are great to look at with crisp and colourful background and character designs. Even featuring different tile designs which all look great. Letter Quest features some of the nicest art and backgrounds I’ve seen in an Indie title.

Letter Quest contains two full soundtracks to listen to while you’re battling away at the enemies or just browsing the menus, the lack of voice acting did disappoint me slightly but given Letter Quest is about making words i can see why they opted for speech bubbles rather than voice acting.

Overall Letter Quest: Grimms Journey Remastered is well worth the £7.99 price tag, With plenty to do and unlock you will spend a good amount of hours getting through the game and with the added Endless mode your forever challenged to get further and spell betterer hehe.

Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 9

Sound: 7

Value: 7.5


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